About Us

Alon David was conceived in Tel Aviv Israel and moved to the US in 1998. For the following 7 years he acted as the lead fashioner for an extensive Design Build Studio in San Diego California. Feeling the need to distribute his outlines and make a broad portfolio, Alon procured different neighborhood picture takers. Alon was unsatisfied with their pictures, and started taking his own particular photos to protect this portfolio would reflect his individual vision and style, exactly how he sees it.

Through this methodology Alon found his eye for photographic configuration and his own particular novel abilities behind the cam. What began as a pastime rapidly turned into an imaginative fixation after the conception of his child in 2002. His actual energy now lies in the confronts he catches with his cam. In a solitary click of the shade a minute or feeling is caught and held timeless until the end of time.

From the most punctual stages in his photographic profession, Alon David had a solid longing to catch every individual minute as he saw it unfold. With every photograph he takes, a bit of your story is solidified and a memory is protected. Every extraordinary minute between a spouse and lucky man, between relatives, companions, darlings or just an individual are caught and safeguarded as shocking remembrances. Every photograph recounts a story, solidifying that minute in time and sparing it for you and your family to delight in for eras to come.

Alon David’s other energy is setting out around the globe to photo Weddings. From San Diego to Tel Aviv, Rome, Madrid and Paris are only a portion of the spots far and wide he shot. Alon David Photography knows no limits. He is eager to go with you on your Destination Wedding. In the event that you are searching for an Artist, Bold, Edgy and Creative Wedding Photographer for your wedding in San Diego or outside USA , Alon David Photography is the opportune spot for you…